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   Tea is Our Passion  

Experience the art of premium loose leaf tea with AR-T!   Here at AR-T, we are passionate about tea and strive to produce blends that are artfully designed and unique, as well as environmentally and socially responsible.  We create our blends in small batches so it is fresh, flavoursome and nourishing when you drink it.  

We source the highest quality organic ingredients, including some grown ourselves and from local sources.  This imparts a fuller flavour and more health benefits while leaving the environment unharmed.  Our teas are certified organic from estates that also support fair trade practices. Maintaining a healthy environment allows farmers, workers and their families to grow and prosper.  

We feel that blending tea is an art. Each variety of tea is unique in flavour and aroma. Understanding these individual characteristics is the key to creating our unique and balanced blends.

Our teas blends are recognized nationally with several  winning prestigious Golden Leaf Awards in 2019 & 2018. 

I hope you will find our blends as exciting and as delicious as I do. 

Enjoy your journey through the world of tea!

Monica Naples

Owner/Tea Artist

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Sunshine Coast, QLD  Australia

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