The beauty of tea begins with its origins. Start your tea journey with good intentions.

Artisanal tea & tisanes expertly crafted w/certified organic botanicals & certified fair trade organic teas   

Its not just a cup of tea, but a tea experience.

Our goal at ArTē is to fill your cup with tea in its purest form,  so you can turn your tea time into a special ceremony. 

Our artisan assortment of organic fair trade loose leaf teas will suit any occasion and taste.  From traditional earl grey with a floral twist to decadent dessert teas,  we hope our blends will take you on a memorable tea jouney!  Sip them in reclusive solitude or share them to create friendships.

“Enjoying a pot of your wonderful tea is my quiet time to relax in this new crazy world!”

Solveig Gillis, happy customer

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